Ams Juice Bow Review

AMS Juice Bow Review – Is It Worth The Price?

So, you want to try out bowfishing. It’s an exciting and thrilling sport. Also, you can reward yourself with a tasty meal. So, why wouldn’t you? But to go bowfishing you first need a good bow.

For beginners such as yourself, a good bow would be the AMS Juice bow. To understand why, in this AMS juice bow review, we are going to talk about the specifications, features, pros, and cons of this bow.

So, let’s get started with the brief overview!

Our Rating

The AMS Juice bow is an excellent bow for children and adults alike. This is especially great for novice archers new to using compound bows. We found the bow to be quite lightweight. A lightweight bow causes less strain on your muscles and decreases fatigue. So, you can use it for long practice sessions.

This is a small bow. But you shouldn’t judge a bow by its size. Considering its short stature, the AMS Juice can really pack a punch. It has a draw weight range between 15 – 50 lbs. and support draw lengths between 17.5 inches to 30 inches.

We all know that bowfishing requiring a good amount of draw weight. So, this would be an ideal bow for that purpose.

One of the best things about this bow is easy adjustability. Don’t bother with the hassle of using a bow press to adjust the draw length. Just use an Allen wrench to remove a screw and you can easily adjust the draw length.

The only complaint is that it can be a bit too short for really big dudes. It’s kind of nitpicking but worth pointing out if you’re a big man or woman. Also, the specs are too low for advanced level hunting. For example, you’ll need a bow with a maximum draw weight of at least 60 to hunt deer or elk.

The AMS juice is excellent for bowfishing and also some medium level hunting. But for advanced hunting not so much. So, bare that in mind.

So, if you are new to compound bows and looking for a reasonably priced bow with great power and specs then the AMS Juice bow would be an excellent choice.


  • Brace Height: 7.5 inches
  • Draw weight: 15 – 50 lbs.
  • Draw length: 17.5 – 30 inches
  • Weight: 3.25 lbs.
  • Let-off: 60% – 80%


Easy Adjustability: Forget you bow press and adjust your bow much more easily with the AMS juice. It allows you to adjust the draw with just a simple Allen wrench.

Dual Muck Buster: The dual muck busters make retrieving your arrow a breeze. Weed, muck, or mud. Doesn’t matter. Just pull back to get your arrow.

High Let-off: With 60% – 80% let-off you can easily hold on to your drawn arrow for much longer. Hold on to it until you are ready to make the perfect shot.

  • Great for children and adults
  • Good draw weight
  • Decent draw length
  • Lightweight
  • Easy adjustability
  • High let-off
  • Not suitable for hunting large game like deer or elk


For solely bowfishing, the AMS Juice is a bow to behold and we most definitely recommend it. We hope you’ve found what you were looking for in the AMS Juice bow review. Thanks for stopping by.

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