Best Fishing Reels For Saltwater

5 Best Fishing Reels For Saltwater

According to, saltwater fishing evokes a vast sea with a large fish dancing on the water’s surface. That is not far from reality when you generally think of the terms big shot and corrosive conditions.

These are the two main reasons why the saltwater reel is so vital to your fishing arsenal. But before we look at the best fishing reels for saltwater, it is good to know the difference between a saltwater reel and a regular fishing reel.

According to, while the saltwater reel may look just like any other reel, the fact remains that these fishing reels are designed for saltwater fishing conditions and are designed to withstand the elements encountered by the angler. It is also made to withstand the toughness of heavier fish.

The price is always different

The main difference which you should notice between fishing reels that are used on fresh or saltwater is the price. In all cases, saltwater fishing reels are much more costly. After more consultation, you may feel that they are breaking, because the two rollers look the same.

However, there are many more significant differences than the price, and there is an important reason: fish. By contrast, freshwater fishing reels are much less expensive. It doesn’t need to be made of incredibly high-quality materials because freshwater fish aren’t as big as those that live in saltwater, and while some do fight, they’re generally not strong enough to warrant the use of a big reel.

However, just because it is not made of durable material does not mean it is of poor quality; these materials are ideal for the type of freshwater fish.

Saltwater reels are strong and durable

Oceanic fish are larger and generally have a wilder temperament, which means they are more likely to resist being caught.

Since this is the case, you need a stronger, more durable reel that can withstand the brute force of these large saltwater fish without bending or breaking. For this reason, saltwater treatment has become difficult.

Availability of salt-Resistant metals and coatings

Additionally, the saltwater treatment must resist the harmful saltwater you will encounter on all your fishing trips. Most saltwater rollers are coated with a unique lid that prevents salt from corroding the rollers and bars.

Furthermore, the reel’s inner workings must be salt resistant, which is why they are often made from special alloys or hybrid alloys. This is where the price segment comes in. Saltwater reels are expensive because they must be very durable.

Furthermore, alloys that should be made of bearings are generally much more costly than the metals used in regular use rollers.

Features to search for while looking for the best fishing reels for saltwater

Gear ratio

According to, you should consider the gear ratio of each saltwater fishing reel you consider purchasing. The gear ratio tells you how often you need to rotate the handle to turn the buffer entirely.

Take it as the gears you have on your bicycle. Your best option here depends on how you plan to use the saltwater fishing reel. High gear ratios are best for quickly leaning over the line when the fish sends the pot.

However, the saltwater fishing reel with low gear ratios will give you more strength when bottom fishing or trolling. Use a saltwater fishing reel with a gear ratio to suit your particular situation.

Bearings on the saltwater fishing reel

All fishing reels have spherical bearings, so don’t drag it into a package that declares this. The key is to find a saltwater fishing reel that has more ball bearings. Spherical roller bearings will keep you trouble-free, so the more balls you have, the smoother the reel movement will be in daily fishing.

The wind level mechanism

The mechanism is also crucial if you choose a baitcasting reel. The wind level mechanism works from side to side along the reel to draw evenly on the line.

That can be very convenient to keep your streak clean and tidy. However, if you are going to fish in saltwater, you will often need to use a heavy line.

Flat wind mechanisms cannot easily cause heavy line winds so that an enjoyable saltwater fishing reel could be better without this addition.

Five best fishing reels for saltwater

Customer Rating

Our number one in this list is the Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel though it may not be the best in this; it among the best that you can have. It is considered the best due to its versatility and ability to be used in the sea and legendary rivers. For people who like beauty, this reel is beautiful and very comfortable when held on the hand.

It comes with a durable construction that makes it stable and suitable for catching large fish. Unlike other reels, it comes with an anti-reverse mechanism which gives you an infinite stopping capability.

For smooth and reliable performance, the reel comes with durable ball bearings that can withstand the harsh ocean conditions. The bearings also increase the smoothness and the stability at which your reel works.

For speed and convenience, the reel is made in ways that help you use less energy while doing much thanks to the 4.6:1 gear ratio.

  • Affordable
  • It is beautifully made
  • Made of quality material
  • Gives the best performance
  • It is a versatile reel
  • Comfortable and friendly to your hands
  • Some models may have inferior quality bearings
  • Not suitable for those who need a lightweight reel
Customer Rating

Okuma saltwater reel falls among the best reels that are user and budget-friendly. That is because the reel comes with advanced features that you cannot find in any other fishing reel. If you like offshore saltwater fishing, this reel will give you the best results. Despite being affordable, this reel comes with many advanced features that you will never find at such a price.

This reel can be used in different environments in doing various jobs like drag adjustments, jigging on the reefs, stick baiting, popping, trolling, and bait casting. Apart from that, the reel is made with many features that make it the best.

Some of those features include brass pinion gear, corrosion-resistant body, and high-quality material. The amazing thing with this best model is that you have a variety of designs that you can choose from and buy. If you need the best and smooth dragging, this reel will give you that.

  • Affordable for all
  • Give you smooth drag with dual drag capacity
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Comes with the anti-reverse capability
  • Durable ball bearings
  • Can best use in saltwater only
Customer Rating

If you are working on a budget, but you still need the saltwater fishing reel, this is the best one that you should try. This reel comes with multi-disk drag features that will make your fishing work easy. For experts who need accurate casting, this reel is the best in giving a precise drag adjustment even during hard times.

Just like any other saltwater fishing reel, this reel is made of aluminum and titan graphite to make hard and salt water-resistant. Though it is not the toughest, it will give you a chance to use it on both fresh and saltwater.

The gear-ratio in this reel is optimum, making the reel good enough to catch mackerel, catfish, bass, and even small sharks that may come across. That means if the reel is well maintained, it can be used long in catching big game fish.

  • It can work like the most expensive reel
  • It is right in giving you a smooth draw
  • Gives a decent drag on your line
  • Can handle large fish
  • Needs expert help in assembling
  • Need some learning to get used to it
Customer Rating

The KastKing Sharky comes with features that make it work as smoothly as possible. Though it may not be the lightest reel in the market, it is among the best. It is loaded with all the features that make it the best in saltwater fishing.

It is durable, and it comes with an anti-reverse lock mechanism, which is instant. It has an aluminum handle that can be fixed using a screw to give the reel a durable but yet a light a structure.

The other parts of the reel are made of stainless steel, including the ball bearings. In terms of the warranty, you will get a one-year steel part if you buy this reel today. The good thing with reel is that it is very affordable and with less than $150 you will have one of the best reels in town.

  • It is affordable
  • Comes with smooth controls
  • Has a carbon drag
  • Come with a one year warranty on steel parts
  • It is noisy when in use
  • Needs regular tightening
Customer Rating

Sougayilang fishing reel is the best in terms of weight. That means that it can be used for long without fatigue. The smooth operation given by this reel will give you an easy time while fishing. For saltwater resistance, this reel gives the best reel that aims at giving you the best dragging power.

If you like fishing deep in the sea, this reel is made for that work. Its main shaft is made of a stable metal that will help you drag large fish. If you are a left-handed person, this reel comes with an interchangeable mechanism that allows you to interchange the hand use.

The reel is well built to give you the versatility you need for your daily use in the sea, ocean, lake, fishing beach, and even downstream in legendary rivers.

  • Efficiency is enhanced with a graphite spool
  • It is a lightweight design
  • With it you can work for without fatigue
  • Comes with the best reel brake system
  • Comes with double bearing structure.
  • Gives smooth operation for long
  • Boasts line roller design to reduce twisting
  • Most of the sections are joined with screws
  • The screws may rust fast due to salt

Final thought

When picking any kind of saltwater reels you need to use, you can consider where to fish. Like much other saltwater equipment, different saltwater reels are designed for different uses and will be more beneficial in some open water areas than others.

While look for fishing reels, look at the features that you like most and stick to that. In most cases, even small brand names give the best fishing reels that can be used for fishing, mostly in saltwater.


When fishing, it is imperative that you have the correct type of reel to ensure disaster-free travel. Using the wrong equipment can cause personal injury if the rod or line breaks due to a lack of sufficiently powerful tools.

So when fishing big, tough fish in saltwater, use a saltwater reel, and when fishing smaller, less powerful fish choose a freshwater reel. We hope that the above guide on how to pick the best fishing reels for saltwater will be of help today and the days to come.

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