Six Best Ice Fishing Reels

6 Best Ice Fishing Reels For You

In the recent past, Ice fishing has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sports in the current world. Both men and women enjoy it, and many participants say that the sensation of fishing is exceptional.

To be successful in ice fishing, you must have the right equipment. The fishing reel is one of the essential components of an ice fishing device. People who go to a large sporting goods store will be amazed at how many reels there are.

An ice fishing reel is essential because it dictates how much control the fisher will have on the line. The most important thing to consider is to match the reel to the specific needs of the anglers and the style of fishing.

Reel Size

Fishing My Way states that the reel size should be appropriate for the line used. Many models allow multiple font sizes. Also, different types of rollers have different damping lengths.

Some ice fishing reels provide full reel rotation through one handle, while others offer more reel turns with a single handle rotation.

The Arbor Knot

While ice fishing may not involve too much, there are some factors that you should never forget. Another essential and paramount factor to consider is the size of the center that holds the reel pulley, also called an arbor knot.

According to wikipedia, an arbor knot size is crucial because it determines how smooth the reel is on the fish once it is caught. Ice fishing reels with the largest throne make fishing easier with fewer shifts.

Furthermore, the drive system is vital and mostly adjustable on most rollers. Also, the materials used to make the reel deserve to be considered because some materials are better for saltwater because they are more resistant to corrosion.

Buying the best ice fishing reel

Having seen that have the best reel is essential, let’s look at the six best ice fishing reels that you can find in the market today. Here, we will look at some crucial features, pros, and then cons.

Customer Rating

It is one of the versatile models that come with amazing features that you need while doing your fishing. With an aluminum star drag flexible handle and brass gears, this reel makes the best equipment you will have while fishing. Apart from that, the reel is made of stainless steel, thus making it very durable.

In addition to the above features, this reel will give the smoothest drag. It also has an anti-reverse capability that enables those who use to fish more and have more fish at the end of the day. With this ice fishing reel, you can engage the drag or the back reel depending on your fishing condition.

It also has a button that enables free release, making this ice fishing reel easy for any angler fisher to use and avoid broken lines. The Fiblink inline ice fishing reel can handle up to 4 lbs of line per 45 yards. Lastly, when you buy it, it comes with a protective drawstring bag that is best used when storing your reel.

  • Comes with an ultra-light design
  • Provides smooth performance
  • Has a non-slip handle to provide a comfortable grip
  • It has star drag knob for easy to retrieval
  • Has friendly warranty and return policies
  • Comes with about four roller bearings which are made of stainless steel
  • The selling body may ship a different fishing reel
  • Some sellers may fail to include free spool system for adjustment
Customer Rating

If you love doing shallow ice fishing, this ice fishing reel will give you the best results. Equipped with a 2.5:1 gear ratio, this reel is one of the top choices for experts who like using a free-fall trigger. The feature allows those who are fishing to fish at a certain depth, and it gives one the ability to choose the target zone.

Being the lightest ice fishing reel gives you the power to handle it using one hand. That means it is made of user-friendly features, which includes drop speed control mechanism and depth too. For free and easy fishing, the reel also comes with a tangle-free spool cap that most reels do not have. For durability, the reel is made using an aluminium and graphite array, making it light but still durable.

Like its competitors, this fishing reel comes with about four ball bearings made of stainless steel apart from that, and it has a graphite star drag that is accompanied by a feature that allows instant anti-reverse mechanism. Lastly, for mid-depth ice fishing, this fishing reel is the best, and it will never disappoint you.

  • Has graphite frame for stability
  • Has an aluminum handle for easy maneuver
  • Free-fall trigger allow depth fishing control
  • Good for specific zone fishing
  • Has tangle-free spool cap to reduce twists on your line
  • Instant reverse function makes it easy to use too
  • Some reels may come with left-hand configuration
  • Some buys fail to appreciate it
Customer Rating

Sold by Eagle Claw, this reel is among the best five in our list with a hardened body and a spool constructed using nylon. The handle on the other side is made of aluminum, making it light, thus easy to handle. The simple design of this reel makes it simple to use and reduce the rate of line twisting.

One out of many ice fishing reels that comes smooth Teflon drag system makes it simple for easy adjustments. It is also made in a way that will reduce freezing capability when used in frigid temperatures. Its spool release button helps you reduce your work during fishing. The 4+1 ball-bearing system gives you more advantage over the other ice fishing reels.

With a single handle rotation, you can pull up to 15.75” of the line from the water. That means this ice fishing reel is the best for those who are learning the art of ice fishing. Due to its light capacity, these reels will help you fish and remain energetic.

  • Due to a nylon spoon and body, it is very durable
  • The Teflon drag system freezing
  • Best for ice fishing learners
  • Has a simple but stable design
  • Body support is enhanced 4+1 ball-bearing body
  • It allows smooth casting
  • The 2.6:1 gear ratio reduce your energy use
  • Some sections have plastic components
  • Some people claim that it did not work well
Customer Rating

Our next choice in the list is the 13 Fishing Black Betty ice fishing reel. This reel is categorized in the ultra-light section, thus good in providing free-fall trigger capability. The handle used in handling the reel is made of aluminum, which means the reel is light and soft on your hand. The has a 2.5:1 gear comparison, this reel reduces your work by working with a magnetic system that helps in reducing the drop speed and adjustment.

If you are right or left-handed, the seller has your needs covered. In the market, you can find right or left-handed reels that you can use at any time. This reel comes with CNC coated aluminum spool, which is accompanied by a carbon injected frame.

It is also among the lightest reels that can be used and handled using one hand.

For that reason, it is among the most preferred reels that are used by anglers. Its frame is made up of a durable material that even reduces the chances of chilling during low temperatures. With a 6.6 oz weight, this reel will always be the best in controlling your depth of fishing at any time.

  • Comes with FreeFall technology
  • Suitable for specific depth fishing
  • It can give instant hookups
  • The reel comes with instant re-engagement capability
  • Comes with improved strike-to-hookup
  • Good for novices
  • The magnetic drop speed is not accurate
  • Some parts are made of plastic thus not durable
Customer Rating

Pflueger MONICEB Ice Spinning Reel caught our attention due to the presence of a 5-bearing system. Apart from that, the bearings are made using stainless steel, making them durable and long-lasting. If you need a reel that corrosion-resistant, this is the best choice for you. The graphite body also makes working with reel the best option that you will ever have.

That means it is durable and at the same time, very light. It has an aluminum bail that is made explicitly for preventing misting and gives a rigid wire.

The reel has a line insertion system that has been used to prevent tangling. If you need the best reel to use in chilly places, this is the best reel to use. Those who have been using this reel say that it is one of the best reels in maintenance. This reel is very secure, thus suitable for people who are learning how to fish. The reel has all the important features that make it simple and easy to use for the best use, even when the temperature is shallow.

  • Comes with an extended handle
  • Has a comfortable grip with all security on your hand
  • Can be used in freezing conditions
  • The 4.2:1 gear ratio making your work easy
  • The stainless steel ball bearings are so durable
  • Suitable for beginners and a seasoned anglers
  • Some choices may be more extensive than expected
  • Some models may lack back reeling
Customer Rating

Lastly, we have Piscifun ICX 5 Ice Fishing Reel among the best in our list. Made of graphite body, this reel is among the best in counter friction handling. Due to the durability of graphite, this reel will stand firm for long, giving you the services you always need.

In terms of portability, this reel comes with a deluxe folding handle giving you peace of mind. Apart from graphite, its spool is made of aluminium to prevent water from spoiling the rotor. The drive gear of this reel is made of zinc alloy, thus preventing the possibilities of rusting.

  • It is easy to carry around
  • Zinc alloy makes the drive gear durable
  • Has a well-sealed bearings
  • Water-resistance is achieved using an aluminum spool
  • High-quality graphite rotor and body is an added advantage
  • May be hard to adjust
  • Instant anti-reverse may fail to work at times


Ice fishing has been a fantastic hobby for many people. If you are planning to join this field, looking for the best ice fishing reels will give you an advantage over the other anglers. Whether you are doing it for fun or as a form of living, investing on a good reel will pay back at the end of the day.

It is good to note that the type of reel you buy will positively or negatively affect your fishing experience. When doing your choosing, it is good to look at the features, pros, and cons that come with each reel.

The above guide gives you some of the best six products according to us. According to Morocco World News, reading reviews provides first-hand information that will help you in making an informed decision.

When reading those reviews, be keen enough, not everything you read is right. Use your skills in fishing to determine which reel fits you. If you are new in this field, asking your friends will also help.

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