Best Ice Fishing Rods

11 Best Ice Fishing Rods With Pros & Cons

If you love to go for ice fishing, you need to get the best fishing tools to catch a lot of fish. However, you can use any fishing rod for ice fishing. But you should get a high-quality ice fishing rod that is specially made for the task.

The ice fishing rods are normally shorter than the other fishing rods. These rods are designed with special features to catch big fish from small holes into ice water.

There are so many ice fishing rods available in the market, but here we have listed some best ice fishing rods.

This fishing rod is made from carbon fiber. Its material is hard and flexible, so this fishing rod is perfect to hold out big fish. It is a lightweight ice fishing rod with only 1.4 pounds. Its lightweight made it is easy to control for a long time. It is a durable rod that can be used for longer fishing.

Its guides are made from stainless steel and the material makes them solid and perfect for ice fishing. It has a sensitive tip that helps to catch the fish when a fish bites.

It is available in two different lengths of 24 and 26 inches. 24 inches rod is light action, though 26 inches is considered medium action fishing rod. 26-inches rod is capable to catch big fish.

This fishing rod comes with a 12 months warranty. In the case of any wreck, you can get help from the company. The company may give you free repairs or replace your product. Moreover, you will get a 60-days money-back guarantee.

It has a cork handle, which is very comfortable in holding big fish. However, this fishing rod doesn’t come with a reel, so you have to buy a separate reel.

  • Made from solid material
  • Comes with 12-months warranty
  • Light-weight and comfortable grip
  • Not a Combo fishing rod, you have to buy and attach a reel

It is a combo ice fishing rod and you will get both reel and the rod. It is a useful purchase, as the reel makes it easy to catch the big fish, and you don’t need to purchase a separate reel.

If you are looking for a long 24-26 inches ice fishing rod, you should select the HT Arctic Bay combo rod. It comes with 24-inches long length which is considered medium action and more capable to hold out medium fish. The 26-inches long rod is considered light action and capable to catch big fish. You can choose the size you required to catch fish.

The HT Arctic Bay combo rod is made from carbon which makes it both solid and flexible. Its handle is made of cork which is comfortable in catching bigger fish. It is a lightweight and best ice fishing rod that can be used all day without any problem.

It is one of the best ice fishing rod and reel combos. It is a branded fishing rod, so you don’t need to worry about the quality.

It is available in three different lengths of 26, 28, or 30-inches. The 26-inches long rod is considered light action or 28-inch length is for medium action, while 30-inches long fishing rod is considered medium-heavy action rod. While choosing the rod size you should consider what kind of fishing rod you required to catch fish in ice water.

It is a solid and reliable fishing rod that can be easily used for long time fishing. It is designed with all required features that are needed to hold out bigger fish. This ice-fishing rod has everything you need to catch fish in ice water.

Its guides are made from stainless steel and are reliable to catch small or bigger fish. It is the best combo ice fishing rod that is made with excellent quality material.

This rod and reed combo ice fishing rod is the best fishing gear you need for fishing in ice water. The 30-inches fishing rod is more expensive than the other ones. It would be a great assistant in the frozen lakes.

Moreover, it is a beautifully structured fishing rod. People buy this rod not only for ice fishing also to appreciate its elegant design.

The St Croix Avid Jigging rod is one of the best ice fishing rods. It comes in 3 lengths of 27, 30, and 36-inch and three different weights of the medium, light-medium, and heavy medium. It is a great jigging rod designed for fishing small to large fish.

Its solid carbon structure provides great control and sensitivity. The solid or flexible tip has a red color which highlights the movements of rod in the water.

Furthermore, it is a durable fishing rod that comes with great fishing features. It is the most recommended ice fishing rod to catch both small and large fish. You can get it from Amazon.

  • Great strength to handle bigger fish
  • Perfect jigging rod
  • Extremely comfortable and solid carbon handles
  • Very flexible and detectable red tip to find delicate bites
  • Highly sensitive guides with the rod
  • Extremely expensive than to other ice rods

This ice-fishing rod comes with two different actions, medium, and medium-light. However, with the light action and solid cork handle, this rod offers a strong stroke. The Fiblink Graphite ice fishing rod is made from graphite and is very lightweight.

It is a perfect ice fishing rod at a very affordable price. If you are looking for a cheap price ice fishing rod, this is the best choice with excellent fishing features.

  • Solid structure and great quality material
  • Very affordable price
  • Excellent fishing features
  • No medium-heavy action feature

The Baitrunner Noodle is a great ice fishing rod that comes with a 28-inch long length and unique lure or baits storage built into the handle.

Its handle is greatly helpful to hold out small or large jigs. When it is freezing, its unique lure and bait storage feature is very convenient to avoid rooting. This ice-fishing rod is specially designed to catch medium-sized fish. It has an extremely sensitive tip that can easily handle fish and provides a better visual pointer.

  • Strong structure with high-quality material
  • Extremely sensitive and high visibility tip
  • Excellent fishing features
  • Lure and bait handle storage
  • Not enough long to catch bigger fish

It is the best combo ice fishing rod. This rod is made from a very solid and durable material of fiberglass. It has large strong guides that are designed to avoid freezing. It has a cork handle with a comfortable convenient shape. It also has a medium quality reel that not effective but works pretty well.

There are not a lot of size options in this rod. It comes with 24-inches light or 32-inches medium-heavy length. It is recommended to go for the bigger one; however, the ultra-light one is also very convenient for ice fishing.

It is a quite good fishing rod at a low price. This rod is not recommended for experts, while it is an excellent choice for beginners. It will help you a lot in learning ice fishing. You can find it on Amazon.

13 fishing Tickle stick is another top-quality ice fishing rod. This is not a reel and rod combo rod. You have to purchase a separate reel. It comes in two lengths of 23 or 27-inch. It comes in light, ultra-light, and medium action accuracy.

This fishing rod is designed by keeping all the required features for ice fishing. It has a sensitive tip that helps you to identify the fish biting. It is a reliable fishing rod that can hold out bigger fish.

It has a flat tip which helps to avoid rolling that will make your fishing more effective. It will also indicate to you when the fish have a bite.

If you are an expert fisherman, you will probably like to have this ice fishing rod. It is an excellent quality ice fishing rod that could be your best fishing companion.

  • Multiple sizes and actions
  • A sensitive tip that avoids rolling and makes fishing effective
  • Reliable and solid material

It is one of the best tackle guide ice fishing rod. It comes with many fishing features as the Aetos, such as length, power, weight, and action.

With lots of features, this ice fishing is like a mini-open water rod. It has a comfortable handle grip in both dry and wet conditions. Furthermore, it has a reel seat to hold out the fish in ice water.

  • Various rod lengths
  • Different strength, weights, and actions features
  • A solid structure to catch medium to large fish
  • Solid handle with a comfortable grip
  • It is reported not to be suitable for tiny species

It is another kind of 13 fishing rods. It is a smart designed combo ice fishing rod. This solid fishing rod is made from graphite. Its material is reliable and flexible, so it can be bend easily without breaking.

This is a combo fishing rod, so it has an attached reel. The reel contains the Instant Anti-Reverse feature, which makes it more convenient for ice fishing. It has a solid black handle that is made from high-quality materials. The handle is quite comfortable for holding fish for longer.

It is available in a wide range of lengths, especially medium or medium-light power. The 20-inches long rod is considered light. It contains high-quality or strong guides that work very well without any discording. This is one of the best 13 fishing rods. It is a bit costly but worth the cost.

This rod is especially recommended for the experts who have experienced ice fishing and know exactly what length of the rod is required for ice water.

If you are a beginner, you will still get the full advantages. If you don’t have a precise reason to get the rod with light action, you should choose one of the sizes with medium action. As you choose this rod, this will likely become more useful to you for longer. It is a durable rod and lasts for years.

  • Combo fishing rod with attached reel
  • Comes with multiple size options
  • Durable and flexible body
  • Very comfortable handle grip
  • Bit expensive than other rods

The Abu Garcia Avolice29M-C is not a combo fishing rod, so it doesn’t include a reel. A reel is very useful in making fishing easier. You have to get and attach a reel besides.

This fishing rod is not very good-looking, while it works very well to catch fish in ice water. Moreover, looks are not the most significant feature of a good fishing rod.

It is made from graphite and the material of this rod is hard and flexible. It is made by following the sensitivity and strength features. The handle of the rod is made from EVA, which is a foamy type of material that makes the rod comfortable to hold. You can easily hold the rod for longer without any hand soreness.

This rod doesn’t have different size options, so you can’t choose the size of your choice. It comes in 29-inches long length with medium action. This rod is not suitable for small and bigger fish. It can be used to catch only medium size fish.

Besides of all things, this ice fishing rod is a good quality rod. It is a durable and useful ice fishing rod that doesn’t go to break on you. It comes at a very reasonable price. If you add a reel to it, it will cost some extra money.

  • Extremely comfortable handle
  • Solid material
  • Affordable price
  • Very sensitive and strong structure
  • Medium action rod
  • The reel doesn’t include
  • No size options
  • Not suitable for small and bigger fish
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