Cajun bowfishing kit review featured

Cajun Bowfishing Kit Review: Do You Really Need It?

Bowfishing has been picking up quite a bit as a recreational sport in the past few years. It makes something as boring as fishing fun, exciting, and thrilling. So, if you’ve fallen to the allure of bowfishing as well, we can’t blame you.

The Cajun Bowfishing bow is an excellent bow for those looking to start bowfishing. In this Cajun bowfishing kit review, we’re going to talk about the specifications, features, pros, and cons of this bow.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Our Rating

The Cajun bowfishing bow is an excellent choice for bowfishing. This is a compound bow which is great at holding drawn weight. This is great for bowfishing as you can take your time to aim before taking the shot. This greatly enhances your accuracy and success rate.

It has a draw length of 29 inches and a maximum draw weight of 50 lbs. which is great for bow fishing. We know that due to water resistance, bowfishing requires a fair bit of draw weight. We have found the Cajun Shore Runner’s maximum draw weight to be more than enough for fishing.

With a length of 32 inches, this is a full adult-sized bow. This is great for big guys as the smaller age fluid bows tend to be troublesome for them to handle.

It comes with the spin doctor bowfishing reel which comes in handy for retrieving your fish. The bow comes with a single fiberglass arrow. They tend to be a bit heavy which makes them a bit hard to shoot but perfect for bow fishing. A higher weight means more momentum which allows the arrow to hit your target with a greater force.

All in all, the Cajun Shore Runner Bow is an excellent choice with great design and brilliant performance. 


  • Draw Weight: 50 lbs. Max
  • Draw Length: 29 Inches
  • Bow Length: 32 Inches
  • Arrow: 1 Fiber Glass Arrow


Deep Cam Grooves: The deep cam grooves ensure that there is minimal chance of the threads derailing which can be a pretty annoying and unfortunate event. Especially, during bow fishing.

Included Reel: The bow comes with a Spin Doctor bowfishing reel that makes reeling in fish very easy. It has got dual pick up pins. Firstly, they make reeling in a lot faster. Secondly, when hunting large fish, if one of the pins break the other will back you up acting like a failsafe.

Fiber Glass Arrow: Fiberglass arrows are heavy and can create a good amount of momentum before hitting the water surface. This allows greater water penetration and hits your target with greater force ensuring the kill.

  • Great size for adults
  • Great draw weight
  • Great draw length
  • Spin Doctor bowfishing reel
  • Deep cam groove
  • Includes fiberglass arrow
  • Some users claim that the reel is easy to break


The Cajun Shore Runner is an excellent mid-grade bowfishing bow. We recommend it for those looking to get into bowfishing without breaking the bank. We hope this Cajun bowfishing kit review helps you out. Thanks for stopping by.

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