how to catch brown trout

How to Catch Brown Trout

If you are a fishing enthusiast, there is a high chance you have come across queries on how to catch brown trout. It is a popular catch among fishers due to its high population and deliciousness when cooked.

Brown Trout is a European native that was introduced to America in the late 1800s. The introduction cemented their popularity and the species started being common in fish farms and ponds.

Back to the question on how to catch brown trout, how should one go about it for a decent yield? This article looks at the various tips you can utilize when going marine hunting, to guarantee you a worthy catch.

For a productive fishing session, you need to target the fish’s habitat. The brown trout inhabit different environments such as lakes, oceans, and rivers.

One thing you need to know about these fish is that they love low-temperature surroundings. This means there is a higher chance of finding a sizeable population in cold waters. The perfect fishing point, in this case, is the slow-flowing cool waters, which you may find in temperate regions.

Also, look at areas in the water bodies with shade, such as overhanging tree branches. Here you are sure to get loads of brown trout.


Still, on fishing hotspots, look at sections where there is a rich source of their food. The trout feed on invertebrates and may diversify their dietary needs to frogs, birds, and lizards. Areas, where such animals may reside, will sure attract large populations of the fish.


Get Your Timing Right

Timing is a critical factor when it comes to fishing and hunting in general. You need to understand the behavior of the brown trout for you to land a catch. They are active both day and night, and they have an opportunistic feeding behavior to cater to their dietary needs.

As such, any time of the day is ideal when you want to catch brown trout. Another thing you need to know about timing is that their population falls during the summer.

The brown trout finds its habitat in cold waters, which heat up during the summer, the action of heat depletes oxygen, which they need to survive. The result is that many of them die or move to cooler waters.


Take Advantage of Spawning

Sizeable populations of the brown trout have an anadromous breeding behavior. Here, they spend much of their lives in the oceans but move to the lake or any freshwater body to spawn. The spawning behavior gives you a hint of the right time to test your fishing skills.

The spawning period for the brown trout is during fall, around September to November, and they are mostly active during the day. Hence, this period is the perfect time to go and fish for trout in the lakes.


Get the Proper Fishing Equipment

Breeding Brown Trout and Flyrod

Your fish-catching session is as good as the equipment you got. The brown trout is a medium-sized fish with an average weight of 44 pounds. The weight is something to look at when getting your fishing supplies.

You need to get a sturdy fishing rod and fishing line, which can stand the fish’s weight. A less robust rod can snap when you try to pull your catch from the water. Look at the best fish supply stores around and inquire about the ideal equipment for brown trout fishing.


Focus on the Bait

The bait is a critical part of sports fishing, as they attract the fish. These trout species are opportunistic feeders, as earlier mentioned, and will eat anything that can fit into their mouth. As part of your supplies, do not forget to come with ample bait.

They can be live bait or plastic, though the former works perfectly. Pair it up with a preferred fishing tackle such as a hook for an effective water hunt.


Be Patient

Fishing is a time-intensive task; hence you need to be patient for an excellent yield. You need to stay calm until the trout goes for your bait. Restlessness can cause disturbances, which will scare the fish away and can leave you frustrated.

Important Things to Note…

The following are essential things to note when out for brown trout fishing.

  • The eggs are equally important

If you have your timing right, you can go to the lake and fish for the spawning fish. You need to know that the eggs or spawns are also important, both for fish farming and for the table. You can use the immature eggs to make poor man’s caviar, a delicious meal you can have as a dessert when salted.

  • Domestication is hard

While you can take the eggs for farming, you need to understand that domesticating this species is hard. One of the reasons is its growth rate, where matured ones can reach almost a meter in length. They can also be messy due to their feeding behavior.

When farming, the purpose is usually to introduce the maturing fingerlings to water bodies to stabilize the population.


Brown trout is a common fish species found in most parts of the world. It is a trophy when it comes to sport fishing, especially when you land a big catch. Above are invaluable points on how to catch brown trout, to give you a fulfilling fishing session.

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