8 Tips On How To Clean A Fishing Reel After Saltwater Use

8 Tips On How To Clean A Fishing Reel After Saltwater Use

If you are wondering how to clean a fishing reel after saltwater use then you are in the right place! Knowing the relevant tips can help you in many ways.

Read on for more information!

Below are some tips that you might find useful:


Use Fresh Water For Cleaning The Fishing Reel

When you are done using the fishing reel, make sure you are using fresh water for the cleaning purpose. Despite the fact that seawater would be available to you, only consider the fresh water to rinse the fishing reel.

  • It would be important to clean the fishing reel with freshwater!
  • It would be suitable to use warm water for cleaning purposes.

Use A Bucket Of Fresh Water For Cleaning The Fishing Reel

If you find it tough to rinse fresh water on the fishing reel or wash it openly with freshwater, use a bucket! Yes, you can dip the fishing reel in the bucket of freshwater.

  • Don’t use salt water for cleaning your fishing reel.
  • If you don’t have a bucket, you can use something similar.

Wipe Away The Dirt From The Fishing Reel

Another way to clean the fishing reel is by wiping the dirt from it. You can simply use a clean cloth for this purpose. Just make sure it doesn’t leave the fabric behind. After cleaning your fishing reel with this cloth, you can use another dry cloth. Then use a suitable lubrication oil.

  • If you are not cleaning it well, your fishing reel would be corroded.
  • Wipe it until you are sure that it is properly cleaned. There should be no saltwater on your fishing reel.

Invest In A Suitable Fishing Reel

It is important that you are using the fishing reels that are composed of materials of high-quality. You can invest in non-corrosive material so that the fishing reel would be durable. Plus, the material should be easy to clean as well!

Plus, it can save you from a lot of hassle. It would be a good idea to read relevant online reviews before making a final purchase decision. Doing so would help you understand what’s the best fishing reel available on the market.


Don’t Forget To Clean The Interior Of Fishing Reel

You might forget cleaning the interior of the fishing reel, but it would be important to focus on it. The fishing reel you own might be different from your neighbor!

Thus, it is important that you find the right instructions for cleaning the interior. Removing the spool for cleaning it would be a good start!


Get Professional Service

Despite the fact that you are trying your best to clean the fishing reel after saltwater use, it would be a good idea to seek professional help. Get the professional service twice in a year as it can help in increasing the lifespan of your fishing reels.

If you are fond of fishing and have invested in a suitable fishing reel, it would be wise to get it serviced professionally. An expert would have the right tools and products plus, you might not have the time in your busy life.

So if you can get the professional service, it would be great for increasing the lifespan of your fishing reel.


Use The Right Accessories

It is important that you are using the right accessories for cleaning purposes. You can get a suitable brush that can help in cleaning different components. However, if you don’t have a special brush, you can simply use your toothbrush.

  • You might also need some small screwdrivers. It would be better if you are cleaning the fishing reel inside and out.
  • You can use the toothpicks for cleaning some areas. Make sure you are keeping your toothpick around while cleaning.
  • You can get a suitable cleaning kit!


Keep Fishing Reels In The Right Place

It is important to keep everything in a safe place to keep it clean. The same goes for your fishing reels as well. If you are storing them right, you can increase the lifespan.

It would be best to get a hard-shelled case for keeping the fishing reels. However, it would be great if your boat has an appropriate storage area!

Importance Of Cleaning A Fish Reel After Saltwater Use

It is important to clean your fishing reels because:

  • The saltwater can corrode the fishing reel.
  • You want to improve and increase the lifespan of your fishing reel.
  • You won’t enjoy fishing if the fishing reel is not clean or not functioning properly. It might become brittle if you are not maintaining it!
  • If you are not storing it the right way, the lifespan would be short!


Now that you know how to clean a fishing reel after saltwater use, you can enjoy fishing! Don’t forget about the fishing reel once you have used the saltwater.

Everything in life requires maintenance.

If you are not focusing on taking care of the things that matter you, the lifespan of such things would decrease! Next time when you go fishing make sure you are using the right tools for the cleaning purpose.

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