How To Find A Bowfishing Spot

How To Find A Bowfishing Spot

Fishing is one of the popular sports, with many sport hunters being curious about how to find a bowfishing spot. Bowfishing, as its name hints, is a mode of fishing where you use a bow and arrow to fish.

It is a hunting sport with a rich history, dating back to when tribes such as Inuits and Aztecs banked on this method to get their catch from the water. With time, it gained popularity and brought the art of archery into fishing.

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With bowfishing, finding the right spot is a critical factor to keep in mind. With a focus on the area of fishing, let us look at how you can find the right one.

Bowfishing mainly takes place at the shores, with a target of the deeper spots near the bank. The banks also provide a suitable anchorage point for you to shoot your arrow. It means the banks should be your leaning points when looking for a perfect bowfishing area.

It would be best if you also exercised patience as you take note of the surroundings. When you wait long enough, maintaining stealth, you might sight some fish emerging from the depth.


Do Your Research

If you are a pro-fisher, you may do your research to find the best places for bowfishing. Once you identify a water body with fish in it, you start testing the areas with high populations.

It requires immense knowledge of fish and fishing. You look at the available species, the temperature of the water, lighting, and other factors that may affect the presence of fish. It is a lengthy process that may involve trial and error, though with a guarantee of the best results.


Look at Reviews of Fishing Spots

A sure way to help you find the right places to test your archery skill is to check out reviews of various fishing points. With the internet, getting reviews of the best places is easy, and you can get criticism of various places.

You need to sign up for fishing forums on the internet or social media. You can meet up with other fishing enthusiasts, who can advise you on where to go to get your catch.


Talk to Fellow Fishermen

You can also engage the fishing community to know of the best fishing hotspots around. The fishermen are very knowledgeable of the best areas where you can land a worthy catch. Interacting with them can let you into the rules and regulations regarding fishing as well as the best times to go for the hunt.


Google Maps

Back to technology, Google Maps has your back when it comes to finding a bowfishing spot. It is an easy-to-use application, and you need to key in critical terms such as fishing points in your area. It will bring you results of all spots around with the establishment’s details, such as opening hours and available facilities.

You can also check the reviews of the places using the map, which gives you a hint of what to expect when you visit them. With a navigator in your car, you can easily reach these places by following the directions from the GPRS.


Get a Fishing Mentor

If you are new to hunting marine game, it is advisable to get a mentor who will guide you on the initial steps. This includes teaching you how to find a bowfishing spot. The mentor will also show you how to use a bow properly to nail your catch.

The fishing community in your area or even online is the best hub to get a guide who will help you learn the art of archery fishing.

Important Things to Know When Finding a Bowfishing Spot

Here are things you need to know when looking for a suitable fishing site.


  • Fishing Rules and Regulation

Before venturing into the sport, you need to understand the rules and regulations governing fishing in the area. In some places, there are strict rules for fishing, especially where there is a dwindling population of fish or the risk of extinction.

If you want to be on the safer side, getting clearance from the wildlife office in the locality is advisable. Here, you may receive proper guidelines or a license to go for your hunt.


  • Your Equipment

You need to have the best equipment for a guarantee of a decent catch. Go to fishing supply stores or sporting goods shops to get the best assortment of fishing products for a satisfying outdoor session.


  • Timing

As with any hunting activity, timing is very critical if you want to have a decent catch. Keep tabs of the open fishing season, and the time the fish emerge to the surface. With the time element on check, you are ready for a productive session.


Bowfishing is an enjoyable outdoor activity where your archery and fishing skills come to play. It requires an edge of precision for you to strike the fish.

This article highlights critical points on how to find a bowfishing spot. It also touches on the things to know once you set for the lake or river to try out your luck in fishing. Let it guide you on how to pick up fishing hotspots where you may come across vast shoals of fish.

Patience is essential in this engagement, and it is always advisable to get clearance before testing the waters.

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